RecoveryMeets Innovation

I’d like to introduce you to Re:THINK Ice Cream, also known as THE ice cream for a healthy lifestyle. If you love ice cream, but also care about what you put into your body, Re:THINK Ice Cream is for you.

The name was born from the fact that years ago, when I entered Recovery, I was forced to rethink everything in my life. Re:THINK Ice Cream encourages you to rethink how you view ice cream; it can be part of a healthy lifestyle. It is truly an indulgence with benefits.

The health benefits are many – much lower in calories than traditional ice cream, only a 1/3 of the sugar; certified low-glycemic; packed with more than 30 grams of whey protein per pint; infused with green tea extract, so it is rich in anti-inflammatory goodness; contains NO sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners; includes pre-biotic fiber, which helps your stomach digest food properly, and keeps your gastric system running smoothly. But the best part is it delivers a fantastic ice cream experience that is rich and creamy in texture. We get comments all the time from loyal customers wondering how can Re:THINK have so much healthy benefit and still taste so good!


Recovery and ice cream have a very important thing in common. In Recovery, we seek to find comfort, joy and serenity. When we enjoy a great bowl of ice cream, I believe we are also seeking to have an experience that brings us joy and comfort. There were things that happened to me earlier in life that made me uncomfortable in my own skin, and this is not uncommon for people that will go on to using to and abusing substances. However, even as a child, I could always find comfort and joy in that bowl of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge. As I became sober and entered Recovery, my body craved sweets when alcohol was removed, so I returned to good old ice cream for solace. The problem was my 50-year-old metabolism wasn’t having it, and my body began to show the deleterious effects of the sugar and calories. Re:THINK Ice Cream is the answer for those of us that LOVE ice cream, but still want to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

George and Kim Haymaker with Maggie and Midgie.

George and Kim Haymaker with Maggie and Midgie.

In Recovery, one of the ways we stay sober is through helping others. A primary part of the mission of our company is to give back and help others. As we grow and have the means to do so, a generous portion of any profits will go to support causes that are near and dear to us – addiction treatment, animal rights and care, education, and melanoma research. We are already in partnership with the Napa Unified School District (our home), donating 50% of all campus event sales back to the schools and their programs for students. We are signed up for many other events where we will be serving our ice cream so worthy causes can benefit. When you purchase Re:THINK Ice Cream, you are not only promoting your own healthy lifestyle, you will also be helping us give back to the community and help bring a little more compassion to the world.

- George Haymaker III