The Story


The name Re:THINK was born out of my addiction to pain pills and alcohol when years ago, as I entered Recovery, I was forced to rethink everything in my life. Re:THINK Ice Cream encourages you to rethink how you think about ice cream; that it can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Re:THINK is THE Ice Cream for a Healthy Lifestyle; it is an Indulgence with Benefits.

What makes Re:THINK Ice Cream unique? Because it tastes great, and has an authentic ice cream texture, while also being so much healthier for you than traditional ice cream. The other “better for you” dairy ice creams are usually icy, chalky and airy in taste and texture. Re:THINK gives you just as much satisfaction as your favorite traditional ice cream brand, but doesn’t have the same negative effects on your body. Re:THINK Ice Cream is the answer for those of us that LOVE ice cream, but still want to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Why is it ideal for a healthy lifestyle? Because it is a lot LOWER in the things that make ice cream unhealthy – sugar, carbs, calories, and fat. And it’s a lot HIGHER in healthier ingredients like protein, fiber, and antioxidants. It’s the perfect healthy treat for those of us that still want to indulge, and yet care about and watch what we put into our bodies.

Recovery from addiction and ice cream have a very important thing in common. In Recovery, we seek to find comfort, joy and serenity. When we enjoy a great bowl of ice cream, we are also seeking to have an experience that brings us joy and comfort. There were things that happened to me earlier in life that made me uncomfortable in my own skin, and this is not uncommon for people that will go on to using then abusing substances. However, even as a child, I could always find comfort and joy in a bowl of creamy ice cream. After getting sober, my body craved the sugar that was in the alcohol I used to consume, so I turned to my old friend (ice cream) for solace. And lots of it! The problem was my middle-aged metabolism wasn’t cooperating, and my body began to show the deleterious effects. Recognizing I was trading addictions, I started focusing on “total” health of mind, body and spirit. As I looked for healthier ways to indulge, I couldn’t find an ice cream that was healthier, yet gave me the satisfaction I wanted. With the help from a personal trainer and food scientist, this journey ultimately led to the creation of Re:THINK Ice Cream.

stands for...
  1. An innovative approach to making ice cream as healthy as possible for everyone, using all natural ingredients.
  2. A delicious, creamy ice cream experience with unique flavors, authentic ice cream taste & texture, and healthy benefits.
  3. A world consisting of harmony, empathy and compassion.
  4. Giving back to the communities we serve, supporting worthy causes, and finding ways to help those that are struggling.

Our mission is to make healthier ice cream with added health benefits that supports people’s active, healthy lifestyles. As part of my personal journey through addiction and into recovery, we also seek to give back and help others in need. As we grow and create resources, we will seek to use those resources to help people turn their lives around, particular those who struggle with addiction and mental health issues. We also will find causes that support our four-legged friends. Re:THINK already partners with a number of schools and charities (through our fundraising program), donating half of fundraising event sales back to the schools and charities. Helping others, and creating meaning and purpose in my life is the reason I started Re:THINK Ice Cream.

- George Haymaker III

George before and after his recovery — a much happier and healthier man!

George before and after his recovery — a much happier and healthier man!