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500 Bonus Issue | Vol 44 | No 4
Re:Thinking Ice Cream

George Haymaker launched Re:THINK during his recovery, his body constantly craved the missing sugars from alcohol. He turned to ice cream regularly, as it was the only delicacy that brought him total satisfaction. “I couldn’t find an ice cream on the market that gave me the satisfaction I wanted from real ice cream, while maintaining a responsibility to my health and well-being,” he says. “I worked with a trainer and food scientist to develop the Re:THINK recipes, which satiated my ice cream craving, yet were lower in sugar and calories, along with added benefits that other ice creams didn’t have.” Re:THINK contains two times the protein, half the calories, and a third of the sugars as regular ice creams, since they’re sweetened with a touch of organic agave.

A cornerstone in recovery, giving back is essential in providing help to others - something Haymaker lives by through donations and community involvement. “In recovery, it’s believed that helping others brings great joy and comfort to one’s soul. I practice helping others in my own life and have made it a core tenant in our brand.” The company donates ice cream and time to various causes such as Rebuild Wine Country, Holiday Heroes, Teens Connect, and several school fundraising events by donating half of their proceeds to schools.

Re:THINK is available at grocery chains throughout the North Bay. Flavors include Cardamom Pistachio, Chocolate Majesty, Meyer Lemon Poppyseed and Turmeric Ginger. For more information, visit


Napa Valley Register

August 27, 2018
Healthful and delicious ice cream? A Napa entrepreneur takes the challenge.

There are adults who still love ice cream as much as they did when they tasted it for the first time as a child. I confess, I’m one of them.

I celebrate good times with it and turn to it for comfort when I’m sad. Unfortunately, eating this cold, creamy dessert can be followed by guilt. Not only is it too high in sugar and calories to benefit my health, sugar is a problem for my diabetic husband, Jim.

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Wine Country CrossFit

September 2, 2018
Re:THINK Ice Cream

I have a sweet tooth.  Back in the day a penny would buy a Jolly Rancher or a Tootsie Roll. We would scour the couch for loose change and run to the corner store to fill up. When I got older penny candies weren’t enough so I graduated to entire pecan pies, Snickers Bars and packages of Starbursts and Skittles. Once I started kayaking as a young teenager ice cream seemed like the biggest prize of all.