In our quest to make the best tasting & textured Tummy Friendly ice cream in the world, we have “rethought” the ReThink recipe and made it even better.

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ReThink Ice Cream was born out of my addiction to alcohol and pain pills when years ago, as I stopped drinking alcohol, I started eating way too much ice cream as a substitute for the sugar found in alcohol. As I began to feel and show the effects of all this sugar, I realized I was transferring addictions, and had to do something about it. I looked around for a “healthier” ice cream, but couldn’t find one that gave me anywhere near the same satisfaction as my favorite brand of traditional ice cream. I wanted to be healthier, but I didn’t want to sacrifice on taste or texture. After not finding a healthier ice cream that I considered acceptable, I set about making my own, and wanted to share it with others.

Recovery from addiction and ice cream have a very important thing in common. In Recovery, we seek to find comfort, joy and serenity. When we enjoy a great bowl of ice cream, we are also seeking an experience that brings us joy and comfort. There were things that happened to me earlier in life that made me uncomfortable in my own skin, and this is not uncommon for people that will go on to abuse substances. However, even as a child, I could always find comfort and joy in a bowl of decadent ice cream.

What makes ReThink so unique?

It tastes great, and has a rich, decadent texture, while also being much healthier than traditional ice cream. The other “better for you” dairy ice creams are usually icy, chalky and airy; ReThink gives you just as much satisfaction as your favorite traditional ice cream brand, but without the same negative effects on your body. Why is it healthier? Because ReThink is MUCH LOWER than traditional ice cream in the things that make ice cream unhealthy – sugar, carbs, and calories. But not lower in the important things, like how it tastes!

We also formulated our ice cream to make it completely “tummy-friendly”. There are upwards of 100 million people in the U.S. who have some degree of dairy intolerance due to either lactose (milk sugar) or A1 casein protein intolerances. We have addressed both of these by using lactose-free A2/A2 dairy as our milk source, so that anyone who has dairy intolerance would be able to enjoy ReThink without an adverse effect. And because ReThink is so low in sugar and also low-glycemic, it is much safer for diabetics and pre-diabetics to consume.

ReThink Ice Cream is the answer for all of us that LOVE ice cream, but want to indulge responsibly.

Our mission is to make the best-tasting & textured better-for-you ice cream in the world that everyone can enjoy, no matter their health circumstances, while building resources in the process to help others.