In our quest to make the best tasting & textured Tummy Friendly ice cream in the world, we have “rethought” the ReThink recipe and made it even better.

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We are the ONLY brand to create a comprehensive solution resolving ALL the potential causes of stomach discomfort related to dairy ice cream! This is a HUGE advantage over other brands.

1. Lactose-Free: We convert the lactose into glucose so you can easily digest it.

2. A2/A2 Dairy: We are the only brand using A2/A2 Dairy which does not have the A1 protein in conventional milk today. This A1 protein is known to cause indigestion.

3. No Sugar Alcohol: Most of the other better-for-you brands use some form (usually erythritol) which is known to cause nausea and upset stomach.

4. Low Sugar: Ever eat something high in sugar? Did it make you feel sick to your stomach? ReThink has 2/3 LESS sugar than typical ice cream!

5. Fiber-Rich: We have added natural beet fiber which is a prebiotic fiber that aids in proper digestion.

No other brand has this comprehensive solution to stomach discomfort. Indulge with Benefits!

Sugar alcohols can lead to bloating or an upset stomach. Certain sugar alcohols can cause gas or cramping. This is why we do not sweeten with sugar alcohols.

The American Diabetes Association has confirmed that ReThink is low on the GI (glycemic index) scoring 15-19 out of 100 and won’t spike blood sugar. We sweeten with organic agave nectar which is certified low-glycemic.

There is 1200mg of Marine Collagen per serving.

We source our A2 Dairy from a local farm that is all-natural with no hormones or antibiotics.

Only the flavors that have chocolate flakes have soy lecithin. All chocolates need to have a lecithin for congealing purposes. All other flavors are soy-free. The soy lecithin we use is certified gluten free.

We use just a sprinkle of natural stevia (derived from plants) to enhance the sweetness of the organic agave nectar. It is listed as the last ingredient because it is the smallest volume.

We do not have a Kosher certification as we manufacture at a third party co-packer so that process is not controlled by us.

We are working on becoming certified as our ingredients are non-gmo but we are not currently.

In our new recipe, we added just a sprinkle of baking soda to help make the ice cream creamier and smoother. It is a common ingredient in homemade ice cream and doesn’t alter the taste. With a better-for-you ice cream with less sugar, less fat and added protein, collagen and fiber, it is challenging to make the ice cream creamy and soft straight from the freezer. We enhanced our recipe so our customers don’t have to wait for our ice cream to soften like they did previously.