In our quest to make the best tasting & textured Tummy Friendly ice cream in the world, we have “rethought” the ReThink recipe and made it even better.

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Decadence with Benefits

- made with lactose-free A2/A2 Dairy & 2/3 less sugar than traditional brands
- added health benefits like marine collagen, whey protein isolate and fiber.

Why we use lactose-free A2/A2 Dairy

What causes many of our stomachs to be upset when we eat dairy? Most people think it’s lactose intolerance, which means your body doesn’t have enough lactase enzyme to convert the milk sugar (lactose) into glucose, so you can digest it. But, the more likely possibility (and one which most people are far less aware) is people are intolerant to the A1 casein protein that is in most dairy today. This A1 protein chain was introduced to dairy cows about 30 years ago as ranchers started cross breeding cows. Before then, the human body had never digested this A1 protein in our evolution, so many people had trouble digesting it, which causes indigestion and cramping.

That’s why ReThink Ice Cream sources A2/A2 Dairy from cows that don’t have this A1 protein chain so the dairy is digestible without discomfort. We then convert the lactose into glucose for you ahead of time so if you are lactose-intolerant we’ve taken care of it for you! This is why we use lactose-free A2/A2 Dairy! We want everyone to enjoy an indulgent ice cream without the discomfort that many of us experience from today’s dairy. Lactose-free A2/A2 Dairy – from happier, healthier cows the way they used to be!

Why we add Collagen

Our cutting edge, better-for-you ice cream is also now infused with Marine Collagen - the first ice cream to do so! Collagen is one of the hottest supplements on the market today with many health benefits such as improved skin elasticity, stronger hair & nails, boosted metabolism, it’s good for joints, bones, teeth and more!

Health Experts &
Ice Cream Lovers Agree


As a preventative cardiologist in the Bay Area, diet and exercise are two things I always discuss with my patients. Finding solutions for that sweet tooth for both my patients and myself is definitely challenging. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried ReThink for the first time...both with the taste and the nutritional information! Packed with protein from whey isolate and naturally sweetened with agave, this treat is not only great for my diabetic and cardiac patients, but also amazing for a fitness enthusiast and health nut (with a real sweet tooth) like myself! Thank you ReThink for giving all of us a healthy treat to indulge in!




ReThink Ice Cream is the perfect marriage of delicious ice cream and quality ingredients. Other ice cream brands use sweeteners that often cause GI issues and focus on calories rather than quality ingredients. This ideal combination provides the peace of mind when enjoying this unique and great tasting ice cream.