Giving Back

At Re:THINK Ice Cream, one of the pillars of our company is giving back to the communities we serve, supporting worthy causes, and finding ways to help those that are struggling. Recovery assistance, cancer research, child education and animal rights are causes near and dear to us, but we also participate in a variety of fundraising events throughout the Bay Area that are making a positive impact on the community.


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School donating Program

Re:THINK is your local ice cream partner for school scholastic fundraising events including scholastic clubs, athletic teams, and parent associations. We pledge 50% of scoop sales as a donation back to the school!


Animal focused Organizations

Founders George and Kim Haymaker are passionate about their fur babies Midgie and Maggie and are committed to giving back to animal focused organizations throughout the Bay Area.


community events

Re:THINK Ice Cream is proud to support and be a part of your community. Our comittment is to make positive impacts in the communities we serve throughout the Bay Area. See you there!