In our quest to make the best tasting & textured Tummy Friendly ice cream in the world, we have “rethought” the ReThink recipe and made it even better.

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Help us get all of our flavors into your local store(s) by filling out and submitting our Store Request Form!

We made it easy with 2 options:

1. Complete our Online Form 


2. Print the PDF and take to your store manager

Here’s how it works: The frozen section in stores is generally only reset once a year meaning most stores only bring in new items at that time.

Stores really value their customers opinions  (as they should!) and love hearing what products you want to see in store.  Your requests will help buyers select ReThink for their stores.

Stores select the flavors they want to carry and as much as we would love every store to carry all twelve (12) of our delicious, healthier flavors it’s up to them (and you!) not us.

Thank you in advance for being part of the ReThink community and supporting our brand. ReThink is more than a healthier ice cream…it’s a movement to help us all lead a healthier lifestyle.

Current Locations

ReThink is currently in grocery stores across California, Utah, Oregon, Montana and Idaho. You can often find us at the stores listed below. To search our complete list, use our handy store locator tool.

  • Lucky

  • Savemart

  • Whole Foods

  • Bel Air

  • Nugget

  • Raley’s

  • Mollie Stone’s

  • Nob Hill Foods

  • Draeger’s Market

  • Berkeley Bowl

  • Lazy Acres

  • Gelson’s

  • Bristol Farms

  • Jensen’s

  • Erewhon Organic Grocer & Cafe

  • Harmon’s Neighborhood Grocer