Indulgence With Benefits


If you love ice cream, yet care about what you put into your body, then Re:THINK Ice Cream is for you!

Created in Napa Valley, California, Re:THINK seeks to balance living a healthy lifestyle with the great taste and texture of an authentic, creamy ice cream experience. It’s the responsible way to enjoy ice cream: Re:THINK is 1/2 the calories & fat and 2/3 less sugar & carbs of traditional ice cream. Plus, it’s low glycemic so it doesn’t spike blood sugar and is safer for diabetics. There are added health benefits, too: whey protein - preferred by athletes, green tea extract - a source of antioxidants, and prebiotic fiber - supports a healthy gut.

Enjoy our Indulgence with Benefits!


HEalth Experts & Ice Cream Lovers Agree

As a preventative cardiologist in the Bay Area, diet and exercise are two things I always discuss with my patients. Finding solutions for that sweet tooth for both my patients and myself is definitely challenging. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Re:THINK for the first time...both with the taste and the nutritional information! Packed with protein from whey isolate and naturally sweetened with agave, this treat is not only great for my diabetic and cardiac patients, but also amazing for a fitness enthusiast and health nut (with a real sweet tooth) like myself! Thank you Re:THINK for giving all of us a healthy treat to indulge in!
— Dr Neha Mantri, Preventative Cardiologist, Kaiser
Re:THINK Ice Cream is the perfect marriage of delicious ice cream and quality ingredients. Other ice cream brands use sweeteners that often cause GI issues and focus on calories rather than quality ingredients. This ideal combination provides the peace of mind when enjoying this unique and great tasting ice cream.
— Dr Ryan Lazarus MSc, CNS, IFMCP, DC