Indulgence with Benefits

Low Sugar

Low Calorie

low Carbohydrate

Whey Protein

Prebiotic Fiber

Low Glycemic Certified

No Artificial Sugar

No Sugar Alcohol

Infused with Green Tea Extract



Our Story

The story of this ice cream begins with our founder's personal journey through addiction and into Recovery. In Recovery, he had to rethink his life and everything he consumed. He always loved “real" ice cream, but did not like the effect it had on his body. That’s why he developed a health-conscious, lifestyle ice cream that is low in sugar, lower in calories, low glycemic, high in protein, and packed with anti-inflammatory goodness.



As a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Ryan Lazarus MSc, CNS, IFMCP, DC is looking for healthy options for his patients.

"Re:Think ice cream is the perfect marriage of delicious ice cream and quality ingredients. Other ice cream brands use sweeteners that often cause GI issues and focus on calories rather than quality ingredients. Compared to the other ice cream brands, Re:Think is real ice cream, low in sugar, low glycemic, provides polyphenols and promotes healthy gut flora. This ideal combination provides the peace of mind when enjoying this unique and great tasting ice cream.” 


Sales Inquiries

Do you sell ice cream in your market or fitness studio? We'd love to connect with you! Drop us a line below so we can meet and share samples.

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